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Ideal for Plants of All Sizes

Unlike clip on grow lights, ours includes a fully adjustable tripod stand that can extend up to 63” high. This allows the grow light to be positioned to cover both small and large indoor plants. The tripod is easily collapsible so you can transport to different areas of your home.

11 Brightness Settings and 7 Color Modes

Different types of plants, herbs, and vegetables require different light colors and intensities to grow healthy. Our indoor grow light is equipped with 11 brightness settings and 7 color modes (including red, blue, and mixed) to mimic the most favorable lighting conditions to ensure your plants grow, thrive, and are healthy. Each grow light contains 204 full spectrum LEDs, more than double other grow lights on the market.

6 Timer Settings

Whether your plants need very short bursts of light or all day coverage, our grow light allows you to set the timer to your plants needs. Set the grow light to run for 3H, 6H, 9H, 12H, 15H, or 18H. Lamps will automatically turn off and on based on your timer settings.

4 Lamp Heads with Individual Programming

Program the lamp heads to have the same brightness, color, and timer settings, or have them run differently from each other. Our grow light is capable of having each of the 4 lamp heads operate on different settings. The individual programming allows you to customize the grow light to all your gardening needs.

Wired and Wireless Controls

Our grow light can be controlled via the attached wired control or the wireless remote control. Each has buttons to set the brightness, color, and timer to your preferred settings. Remote control will work up to 30 feet away from the grow lamp.